Dipoli – a shared meeting place for everyone

The Dipoli building has been refurbished into a low threshold meeting place for all of Aalto University and a shared main building.  It contains work spaces, an auditorium, halls, restaurants, exhibition spaces and art. The building's public areas are open to everyone at Aalto as well as the general public.

University activities on display

The university's activities are on display in the building's halls and exhibition spaces as well as in the form of different events. Aalto students, personnel and partners have all participated in creating Dipoli's operational concept and vision. A variety of arts and science will be put on display in the building's public areas.

The unique building was the first joint design project by architects Raili and Reima Pietilä. Dipoli was completed in 1966. The building was initially owned by the Student Union of the Helsinki University of Technology. For many years, it was the hub of the student union's cultural activities and was known for its broad-scoped range of events. Aalto University purchased the building in 2014.

Unique architecture

Dipoli has undergone an extensive technical and spatial renovation. Geothermal heat supplies nearly 50 per cent of the building's energy requirements.

"The renovation project respects the Pietiläs' original design and the building's unique architecture. The building's skylights and fireplaces have been refurbished, stairwells, which have at some point in time been cut off have been reopened and the original concrete surfaces have been restored", explains Vice President for the campus development, Antti Ahlava.

ALA Architects has been the chief architect of the renovation project, and Aalto University alumna Tuuli Sotamaa has been responsible for the interior design.

Dipoli showcases new ways of working

The university's management as well as part of its personnel, numbering a total of 140 persons, will work in Dipoli. New ways of working will be tested, and work will be carried out in activity-based offices using digital tools. Dipoli will provide new types of opportunities for cooperation between Aalto students, its personnel and the university's partners.

The renovation will also see events organisation at Dipoli go through an overhaul. The building will now predominantly host the university's own events, but event facilities will also be leased to outside parties.

Restaurant world is open well into the evening

Dipoli hosts a versatile restaurant world. Restaurant and café services include student and staff restaurant Reima, which serves subsidised student lunches, Metso, which has an á la carte menu, Bistro Tenhola, Café Reima and Café Carre. 

Access to facilities

Visitors will have free access to the building's public areas during the building's opening hours. Dipoli's Käpyovi entrance will be open Monday through Friday 7.45‒21.45 and on Saturdays 9.30‒21.45. The building's other entrances (Juhlaovi and Pohjoisovi) will be open Monday through Friday 7.45‒17.45. 

Facility sales: facility.sales@aalto.fi