Väre opens in September

A new home for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture has opened to the heart of the campus area: Väre! Together with the opening ceremony, Aalto Space received an update which brings the brand new facilities to use, including inside navigation for everybody searching their way in the big building. The introduction of Väre carries out the goals of the Aalto University to centralise its activities to the Otaniemi campus, which helps to elevate the interaction and collaboration between the different parts of the community even higher.

At the heart of the campus

The location of Väre is excellent considering both the campus area and its surroundings. The walking duration to the Undergraduate Center, Harald Herlin Learning Center, Dipoli and other facilities of the Aalto Schools is under 5 minutes. The entrance to the metro platforms is located in the same building and in the near future the Jokeri light rail deploys its stations right next to the building entrances. Already now the 550 Jokeri bus departs from very close to the building and also a city bike station is located right next door. All in all, Väre has become a multifunctional traffic hub towards every direction. There is a lot of room for bikes of the campus users all around the building.

Sustainability first

In Väre, energy is produced locally both through solar power and geoenergy. The roof houses a solar power system with an estimated production of 180MWh a year, which equals the yearly consumption of over 10 electrically heated detached houses. A big geoenergy plant under the building produces almost all the thermal energy required by the building. In addition to production, the geoenergy wells can also store heat to be used for later during the cold seasons, further lowering the energy demand from the grid. As a baseline, only the water used in the building is heated by district heating. The building aims to score the ambitious energy performance class A.

The perfect combination

In the same building, next to the facilities for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, resides the shopping center A Bloc. The shopping cetner provides a wide variety of restaurants, shops and services for the campus user to enjoy! By the beginning of 2019 the whole building complex is ready, when the facilities for the School of Business open next to Maarintie.

Picture above: Aalto University / Tuomas Uusheimo