Lobby Screens

Lobby Screens

To offer more information about energy consumption and any renovation and maintenance projects in buildings, Aalto CRE installed building-specific lobby screens in 13 buildings in August 2013. The main goals of these lobby screens are

  • to more easily communicate information about modification, repair and maintenance projects in buildings
  • to make energy consumption figures visible to users

The content of the screens has been developed by visualising energy data and directing messages with the aim of having an impact on the consumption habits of users so as to reduce consumption.

On the screens, you can view real-time energy consumption data (electricity, water, heat), repair news and other current events. If you have a building-related message you want to convey to other users on the screen, please contact Milla Uusitalo (milla.uusitalo@aalto.fi) or Tanja Pietikäinen (tanja.pietikainen@aalto.fi).

The screens are mainly located in building lobbies alongside frequently used access routes. Go and have a look!