Local energy production

Local energy production


In Otaniemi, electricity is produced locally using a small wind turbine and solar panels. A small horizontal axis wind turbine of 4 kW and a solar power system of 4.3 kWp are located on the roof of the Konetekniikka 4 building.

Other solar power systems have been installed on the roofs of the Open Innovation House (18.6 kWp), the Aalto Inn researcher hotel (5.1 kWp), the Maarintalo building (103 kWp) and the Electrical Engineering and Communications building (4 kWp). In addition, some smaller solar power systems are in use in the area, and there is at least one small vertical axis wind turbine in research use.



The Aalto Inn researcher hotel uses a system in which ground heat covers nearly 75% of all heat consumption, while the district heating network covers the rest. The Saha building also uses a ground heat system. These two buildings annually use 100–200 MWh of thermal energy produced by means of ground heat.

A total of 20,000–25,000 kWh of solar thermal energy is produced annually in the Konetekniikka 4 building, the Aalto Inn researcher hotel and the Electrical Engineering and Communications building.