Campus of the Dreams

Campus of the Dreams

What is a dream campus made of?

The purpose and goal of the sustainable campus development team of Aalto University and Aalto CRE is to improve energy efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable development on campus, taking social, ecological and financial responsibilities into account. We make presentations on sustainable development for facility modification and renovation projects, new builds and the development of the campus and services, as well as the creation of sustainable types of action. We want to engage all campus users to take part in our joint development, for example, by collecting user feedback and using various participatory methods.

What does your dream campus look like?


Minna Halme, Professor, Aalto University

Life is a piece of cake. Make sure you leave some for the others too.

Minna Halme

Professor, Aalto University

Antti Tuomela, Managing Director, Aalto CRE

A smaller total area for the university will support social encounters, open innovation, as well as sustainable building infrastructures and economy.

Antti Tuomela

Managing Director, Aalto CRE

Antti Ahlava, Professor, Vice President, Aalto University

In Aalto we develop more sustainableservice architecture and decision making. Thinking innovative ways how to use our spaces we can build our campus to be more inspiring and sustainable at the same time.

Antti Ahlava

Professor, Vice President, Aalto University

Kari Haapamäki, DIrector, Workplace & Facilities, Aalto CRE

More compact campus – smaller carbon footprint!

Kari Haapamäki

DIrector, Workplace & Facilities, Aalto CRE

Rosa Väisänen, Architect Student, Aalto University

My Aalto campus embraces its outdoors and the concept of sharing. It is a both a place and an idea of encounters, experimenting an DIY.

Rosa Väisänen

Architect Student, Aalto University

What is a dream campus made of?